About Me

Hello and Welcome!

 My name is Rachel and I am so happy you are joining me here to view my creations. 


A little bit about me

   I am currently living on Long Island, New York, but am soon to be relocating to Tennessee with my husband and 3 cats. I am also currently going to college full time, in pursuit of a veterinary degree in exotic and zoological animals. I have a son that is in college for cyber security and is a reservist with the Army military police unit. I am so proud of him!  

   When I am not doing my macrame or bead work I love ballroom and Latin dancing with my husband, working out, yoga, riding horses, traveling, photography, and taking walks out in nature.   



Why I started Knottin Fancy

   Ever since I was little I was always making things, friendship bracelets, origami, wind chimes, pinch pots, and loads of other things. 

   About 18 years ago I started making hemp jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, and such but stopped making them a couple years later when it started getting monotonous. 

   As most things do, Knottin Fancy started with a problem I needed to solve. My cats were eating my plants and so I went in search of a plant hanger. The few I was able to locate in stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, Kmart, Target, Walmart, etc. were all awful! They were just cheap pieces of polyester string with a couple of overhand knots and plastic beads, made in China or India that cost about $2 to $5. They were horrible, I just couldn't bring myself to bring that into my home. I remembered the one my mom had in her kitchen when I was younger and couldn't believe that I couldn't find something like that. So, of course, I thought to myself " I could make something much better than that ". That set me on a mission to make some beautiful plant hangers for my home, soon family and friends wanted some and off I went!

Simple custom handmade plant hanger. Commission.

   In 2016 I officially opened Knottin Fancy. In addition to plant hangers, I am making wall hangings, ornaments, bags, jewelry and much more. Macrame is almost meditative when I am deep into a project, and the creative possibilities are seemingly endless. I constantly have project ideas swirling around my brain just waiting to come to life. 

Macrame knotsCustom macrame belt made with leather and cotton string Custom commission handmade macrame bag with draw string liner

   In 2018 I fell in love with doing bead work and started adding beaded jewelry to my shop. I love all the colors and designs I can make with the seed beads, I'm also a bling girl, so I always have to add a touch of sparkle. 

Custom handmade hand beaded bracelet for mom made with miyuki seed beads


My Macrame Mission

   My goal is to make something that brings beauty, and peace to your space. I love and aspire to create quality functional and ornamental pieces that you will cherish for years to come. I take great care in finding the right materials, beautiful colors, unique embellishments, and creating unique designs.

   I find inspiration in many things for designs, and so you can find anything from organic to geometric shapes. I also love color and so have collected many colors of string to work with and often incorporate color in my work. 

   Currently there are many people doing macrame, there has been a resurgence of this craft and the market now seems flooded with macrame products, but not all are created equal, so buyer beware. Be careful when you see macrame products that are really inexpensive but still claim to be handmade, it may not be true, or they may be using cheap materials that won't last.

   My hope is that the craftsmanship of my work shines through and that every customer truly appreciates what they purchase from me, because I enjoy making each item and can't wait to see them all loved in their new homes :)Custom macrame vine valance


Where else can you connect with me? 

   You can find me on Instagram and Facebook as Knottin Fancy. There are links at the bottom of the page. I would love to see you there! #knottinfancy

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